Ofek  Back to life

“What we did only for ourselves – dies with us, what we did for others and for the world – lives forever”

 The “Ofek Back to Life” organization was founded by Ruth and Amiad Taub, Ofek’s parents,  who was seriously injured at the age of eight months as a result of medical malpractice.

 After the incident, the parents and siblings were forced to spend about a year in hospitals, during this year they were constantly exposed to the hardships faced by patients and their families after a crisis. The lack of response from the medical establishments has created the need for assistance with the medical, mental, economic and bureaucratic crises they experience, for the parents and family members who are coping with a family member who has been ill or injured. In addition to the crisis during this period, the family finds it difficult to maintain normal life.

Since the state does not provide any framework to assist patients and their families after discharge from the hospital, Ofek has taken upon itself the task of helping the families and providing them with “life jackets” – in order to build their lives, in the best possible way, despite the disaster they have gone through.

 The organization works in the following fields:

1. Provides immediate support after the disaster / event through a volunteer bank.

2. Promotes legislation in the fields of health and welfare.

3. Conducts leisure activities and parties for parents and children with special needs.

4. Appointment and training of parents for the special education committee.

5. Leading legislation and public activity and creating an information system to prevent medical malpractice and to obtain coverage in the health system.